Business-Enabling Environment (BEE) / Trade

REG, through its work in Business Enabling Environment (BEE), hopes to: build capacity of local entities (Think Tanks and associations) to identify solutions to BEE issues and advocate for their implementation; develop linkages between associations, NGOs, other key stakeholders; identify key trade facilitation issues in leading sectors that can be addressed through project interventions or other resources; and improve conditions for inter and intraregional trade through an improved trade facilitation environment and general reductions in non-tariff barriers.

REG addresses advocacy in regulatory issues and in trade facilitation on two levels: at the high level, REG works to improve advocacy by capacity building with key partners on BEE/trade issues. At the more micro level, this advocacy mechanism is tested by tackling one or more BEE or trade facilitation issues that have been identified as impediments in a specific sector as identified in value chain analysis and other activities.

REG also seeks to engage stakeholders to identify deficiencies in regional trade facilitation and build their capacity to take steps needed to address those deficiencies. To that end, REG is implementing WTO self-assessments in several countries of the region utilizing a WTO-developed methodology. The self-assessments are intended to determine with which provisions WTO members can comply immediately, and with which they need more time or assistance.

Current and Recent Work: Thus far, REG has facilitated two WTO self-assessments. The series of self-assessments kicked off in Macedonia on March 24th, and was followed by one in Albania on May 5th which covered both Albania and Kosovo. For more detailed information, please see the event pages below. Currently, EG is considering supporting additional self-assessment in other countries, and funding follow up technical assistance to the self-assessment that were already completed.

In the Caucasus, REG is working to produce a regional study on non-tariff barriers to intra-regional trade (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia), including constraints to efficient cargo movement from East-West through the Caucasus Trade Corridor.

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