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SEEITA Conference organized by the ICT Chamber of Commerce MASIT

As a leader in connecting the ICT sector in Macedonia, MASIT has so far successfully managed to organize 12 regional conferences on ICT, each of them attended by more than 200 participants coming mainly from ICT companies, but also including high officials from the Government and Ministries, Academia, Donor organizations and other relevant stakeholders from the South East Europe region. Having gathered its experience and wide contacts not only domestically, but also regionally and internationally, MASIT is announcing its 13th annual conference this year with an ambition to bring together two sectors and address relevant hot topics that are raised in the past several years.    

This year’s conference aims to gather the players from both the ICT and Agribusiness sector in order to present the trends in both of the two sectors, identify potential for cooperation between the players in the two sectors, exchange of expertise and best practices, as well as to facilitate the matchmaking and encourage mutual cooperation.

Initiating the dialog between the ICT and Agribusiness communities has always been a tough challenge! This year MASIT with its partners and collaborators plans to facilitate this dialog through the MASIT’s annual Conference. The fundamental questions how the two industries can be bridged closer will be raised and discussed. Platform for open discussion between the sectors will be enabled so the benefits of implementing ICT solutions become more clear and acceptable for the audience. Main players of both industries will be present, accompanied by the representatives from the Government, Academia and donor community. Success stories, booths and demo solutions will be brought in the conference space so real feel of the existing cooperation between the sectors is provided at a glance. Lastly, B2B meetings will be organized so the members of the ICT and Agribusiness communities can enter into direct discussions and possible solutions of everyday challenges of farmers.

Joining this event will bring you benefits from the following Conference contents:  

2 DAY CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS organized in several thematic sessions including presentations from ICT and Agribusiness experts, leaders and …  topic

PANEL DISCUSSION - A space to solve the gap between ICT and AG. Time zone when both communities will be on the same side trying to bridge the gap through fruitful open discussion raised by ICT and AG industry representatives, Government and Academic staff. Worldwide vs. regional trends will be presented and possibilities to accelerate the cooperation areas. You are invited to join our discussion and share personal experiences on the spot!

B2B MATCHMAKING - We invite all the Agribusiness companies prepared to grow quickly, increase their output and become visible on the foreign market, to join the B2B meetings with ICT companies and talk freely how to effectively solve them. ICT is the service industry helping many other sectors and areas become more efficient in their daily operations, accelerating their growth and making other business’s investments worthwhile. Why not do the same for the Agribusiness community in the region? Join us at the B2B space so ICT community can support your vision to grow.