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UNIVEG InBound trade mission for UNIVEG company representative to Albania and Macedonia

As part of the efforts to identify new export market leads, REG established contact with UNIVEG (Belgium) Company, one of the largest importers and distributors of fruits and vegetables in Europe. UNIVEG Group serves a global customer base, across 6 continents and has a network of 32 distribution centers in Europe. Their Fruit & Vegetables business covers the entire value chain in the Fruit & Vegetable Category for supermarkets including Production: growing, packing, sourcing, quality control etc; Logistics: export, overseas shipping, import, long and short-haul freight, delivery to the retailers’ warehouse or individual stores and all related services such as packing, category management, private labels.

REG coordinated an InBound mission and B2Bs to Albania and Macedonia for UNIVEG representatives for Central and South East Europe. REG worked through its network and with the support of CBS for Albania developed a list of potential F&V suppliers capable to respond to UNIVEG’s requirements. Based on confirmed commitment from UNIVEG from 18th to 21st July, REG organized on-site visits and B2Bs with leading AG (fruit and vegetables) producers, operators / suppliers. UNIVEG initially expressed commitment for

Four companies in Albania and seven in Macedonia were visited and had a chance to present their offers at prearranged B2B meetings with UNIVEG and explore opportunities for new export deals.. UNIVEG’s representative presented their corporate strategy, observed the product portfolio, capacity for production, packing, cooling and storing as well as adopted standards and certificates and commitment for long term partnership in exporting to EU and other developed markets.

UNIVEG rep. expressed high satisfaction from the visit and two days after the mission, communicated with four companies and requested additional info on product specifications and product calendar, packaging, prices, delivery capacity and prices for transport to their distribution centers in Prague,  Munich, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Duisburg, Hamburg and Rotterdam. It is very likely few of visited companies will manage to export some products in smaller quantities even this season. REG will continue to facilitate these linkages and optimize the results for next season.