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B2B meeting with Greenyard team for sourcing F&V from SEE

Following the successful Inbound visit for purchasing managers from GREENYARD‘s centers from Holland and Austria to Albania and Macedonia, in May, the REG Project continued to closely coordinate between Greenyard Group and companies from the Balkans to assist them throughout the season to respond properly to product specification, confirm varieties, packaging and agree shipping dynamics. Vittoria Fruits and Agrolozar from Macedonia passed the audit and received BSCI certificates that enabled them to fulfill all the requirements and submit offers for exporting to Greenyard in the Netherlands, Austria and Czech Republic. VIttoria Fruits then managed to export 2 trucks of “Moldavia” table grapes to Greenyard Czech Republic, and 4 trucks with high end variety “Red Globe” (first time from MK) to Greenyard Austria.

As a follow-up, Greenyard Group agreed to cooperate with REG in setting up a joint buyer meeting with selected fruits and vegetables suppliers from SEE that have already fulfilled or are in the process of achieving required criteria (relevant available quantities per week, Global GAP GGN number, commitment to work on sustainable export program etc.) from 8 Countries. The round-table meeting was held on November 28th in Vienna. REG facilitated 3 companies from Macedonia, 7 from Serbia, 1 from Albania, 2 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1 cooperative from Moldova and 1 from Azerbaijan to meet members of the Greenyard Group from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Holland. Participants had a chance to observe all stages of quality control and preparation of goods for specific shipments to Supermarket chains, understand how Greenyard deals with quality complaints and rejections, re-packing etc. Each company had an opportunity to directly present their product profiles, adopted standards, traceability, availability of products and capacity to enter into Greenyard annual program.

Representatives of GREENYARD-FRESH from these four countries/markets are operating managers of F&V commodities with decision making capacity and are directly responsible for the buyout of over 2 billion Euros of fruits and vegetables per year. They’ve presented Greenyard’s principles for partnership, assessed the progress of SEE companies and evaluated opportunity for cooperation for the next season.

REG will continue to work with Greenyard managers and participating companies and assist in any concrete follow up steps that will lead to new export deals.