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NTFC Workshop and meetings in Bosnia

On March 29, 2017, REG Project and the World Bank Group organized a workshop in Sarajevo with an objective of facilitating and expediting the process of establishment of the National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The workshop was attended by around 40 representatives of institutions involved in foreign trade regulation and of key private sector organizations. Speakers were REG and WBG experts  familiar with the trends of NTFC creation in the region and representatives of established NTFCs from the region. This event helped increase the awareness and the knowledge of participating institutions on the role and responsibilities of the NTFC in context of planning and implementation of trade facilitation reforms and to enable discussions and experience sharing on the process of NTFC creation and operation with peers from the region.

On March 30, REG and WBG organized a series of individual meetings between their experts and all interested institutions expected to take active role in the creation and operation of the NTFC in Bosnia to discuss and provide advice on specific issues and concerns.