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First Trucks (Table Grapes) to Greenyard Foods on Their Way!

On July 29th and 31st, the first trucks with table grapes from Vittoria Fruits, Macedonia, went to Greenyard / Bakker Company in Czech Republic. The agreement is to deliver 2-4 trucks per week until the end of the season.

Unfortunately plums in Serbia and Macedonia were damaged and have no quantities/quality to offer, otherwise that would have been of great interest as well.

This comes as a result of REG's (specifically our colleague Goran) hard work over the past year and a half, working with Greenyard Foods (one of the largest distributors of fresh fruits & vegetables in Europe) o introduce the capabilities and capacities of our region. REG had numerous activities with Greenyad Foods, such as awareness/introductory B2B events, inbound missions, study tours, and a lot of work with our companies. We do hope to introduce more of our E&E countries to Greenyard Foods and enhance the cooperation until the end of our project.