The report assesses threats to the economic and political stability of the WB countries, other countries from New Europe (NE – Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Romania) and the Former Soviet Union (FSU – Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) are used for comparison.

The report’s focus is on political risk and it’s affect on economic development, defined as a destruction or expropriation of resources and capital, or a threat of such destruction affecting the likelihood of future prosperity.

The period analyzed is 2007-2016, concentrating on the effects of the recession period monetary policies (the Euro and the ECB), investment, fiscal affairs, redistribution, FDIs, specific policies on energy dependence, effects of the Greek default and the current banking crisis in Italy, “pure” political matters (like refugees), exposure to terrorism, the political fate of the EU and the WB post-Brexit, geopolitical standoffs, Russia’s and Turkey’s role in the region and the capacity of governments to deal with these threats.

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