Financial Resilience and Access to Finance 

REG works to improve financial institutions’ resilience and access to finance through regional integration of capital markets, working to improve collateral valuation and support access to finance by NBFIs.

Integration of Capital Markets:  REG plans to support the implementation of a regional trading platform (order-routing hub) that would allow investors throughout the region to buy and sell stocks and/or bonds with seamless trading and settlement. REG will also work to increase the attractiveness of the Balkans region to institutional investors, leading to higher levels of investment flowing to and within the region by facilitating cross-border investments; improve the viability of stock exchanges and other market infrastructure; support and increase transparency of listed companies.

Collateral Valuation: REG is attempting to identify gaps and weaknesses in real estate valuation methodologies, rules, and regulations which impede access to finance.  More realistic collateral valuations would contribute to access to finance through lower collateral margins, revival of credit growth, and faster resolution of problem loans.

NBFIsanalysis of the development challenges and potential impact of regional assistance to promote financing and financial products by NBFI. REG is carrying out research to identify effective programming approaches for improving the legal framework of nonbank financial institutions as a means to promote the availability of financing and financial products from these institutions.