Increased Financial Sector Stability, Growth and Inclusion

Predecessor Project Website

Predecessor Project Website

Under Component 2, REG will undertake interventions that strengthen the supervisory capacity to implement international best practices in the most pressing area, such as deposit insurance, and assist financial sector practitioners to navigate regional and international systems, with a goal of improving financial sector stability. Activities will, also, be undertaken to facilitate introductions of best practices and new financial products in access to finance for SMEs, such as ease of collateral restrictions and non-banking financial instruments.

International Financial Standards

REG supports international standards on financial sector stability in:

  • Deposit Insurance – REG will build capacity of deposit insurance systems through improved conformance to international standards.
  • Capital Markets Supervision – REG will build capacity of capital markets supervisors in Eurasia to conform to international standards and to integrate into international organizations 

Financial Resilience and Access to Finance 

REG works to improve financial institutions’ resilience and access to finance through regional integration of capital markets, working to improve collateral valuation and support access to finance by NBFIs.