Macedonian, Serbian textile companies in joint European promotion
Improving political, economic cooperation with Moldova
Armenia to retain preferential economic regimes with Georgia 
Azerbaijani- Serbian trade issues mulled
Georgia ready to provide Armenia with free transit corridor for exportingv


Albania among regional leaders in implementing structural reform
IMF disburses installment of 53 mln euro to Albanian government


Backed by $3-$4 billion investments Armenian economy would grow from 7 to 10 percent
Central bank estimates economic growth in third quarter to be 3.5% -3.8%
Armenian economy minister attends Armenian-French economic forum in Paris
Armenia intends to win back its industry niches in EEU market
IBRD and ADB to provide Armenia with $124 million loans
Armenia’s third quarter GDP growth at 5.3%
Yerevan to enhance cooperation in agriculture with Buenos-Aires


Hungary hosts Azerbaijan Tourism Days
AIM 2015 to focus on innovation, importance of FDI transactions in emerging market 
Azerbaijan, a regional hub for delicious foods
Baku hosts international industry conference
The Business Year returns to Azerbaijan for fifth year in anticipation of Baku 2015
Azerbaijan improves positions on ICT Development Index
Iran invites Azerbaijani businessman to invest in the country


EFTA is ready to start negotiations with Georgia
Georgia relies on ICT sector
Gross national income increased by 1.6% in 2013
Georgia joined International Hydrographic Organization
Georgia hopes for Latvia’s support as future Council of EU president


EU concludes two projects for tourism in Kosovo
PDK and LDK should harmonize the economic plan


Stravreski: Kratovo industrial zone to be completed by mid-2015
Macedonia’s business potentials presented in Czech Republic
Macedonia is good business destination to Czech Republic
Wine Festival 2014 begins
Macedonia registered the third best GRP growth in Europe


Association Agreement with EU brought palpable results in agrifood sector in two months
Millions of euros saved owing to elimination of tariff barriers in EU
The rehabilitation of the Lopatna irrigation system with the U.S. Government’s Compact funds have come to an end


Strengthening economic cooperation between Serbia, Saudi Arabia
IPA funds for development of Serbian economy
Arrangement with IMF means more investments
Intensification of economic cooperation with Denmark
Serbia reliable partner of CEI
Serbia has quality food for global market
Vucic expects new investments
Improving scientific, technological cooperation with Argentina
Serbia committed to stability as condition of progress


EBRD to issue $25 mln to Nibulon
Sharing economy gains momentum in Ukraine

AuthorKaris McGill