Potential for crisis aftershocks at Eastern European banks Financial Times 7-16-2014
Croatia’s central bank orders the liquidation of small, troubled private bank Reuters 7-16-2014
Ruling by EU Court mandating repayment of Croatian and BH savers will cost Slovenia up to EUR 500 million and helped bring down the government Bloomberg 7-17-2014
EBRD suspends new investments in Russia Cistran Finance 7-24-2014
EU sanctions against Russian Banks may be tougher than U.S.' Eubusiness 7-24-2014
Bulgarian government resigns partly due to banking crisis Financial Times 7-24-2014
Hungary nationalizes bust German-owned bank in move to 'take control of banking system back from foreigners' Financial Times 7-24-2014
Has the European banking crisis returned? (in Croatian) Business 7-24-2014
Russian, Bulgarian, German and American bidders interested in purchasing Balkan subsidiaries of the bankrupted Austraian Hypo-Alpe Adria Bank Bloomberg 7-25-2014
EU should beware of Russian interest in Balkan banks Forbes 7-26-2014


EBRD provides standby credit line to backstop the Albanian deposit insurance system Financa 7-16-2014 Business 7-17-2014
World Bank to assist Albania insurance market reform Globalpost 7-21-2014
Bank of Albania employee accused of stealing out-of-circulation money Balkaneu 7-25-2014


Payment cards for social assistance fail to gain popularity in Azerbaijan Cistran Fnance 6-20-2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flood disaster wipes out Bosnia's economic growth and creates problems for years to come Balkan Insight 6-30-2014
Bosnia to launch 'bad bank' or other measures to deal with non-performing loans Reuters 7-23-2014


Growing number of companies fail to meet financial obligations and face blocked bank accounts in Macedonia Balkaneu 7-2-2014
Macedonia to become an international tax haven? Balkan Insight 7-18-2014
Macedonian government issues EUR 500 million bond raising criticism over budget woes Balkaneu 7-18-2014


IMF sees risks to financial stability and significant weaknesses in Moldova's banking system IMF 7-8-2014 Seenews7-9-2014 


Serbian Prime Minister braces the country for debt crisis and/or major reforms FinancialTimes 7-2-2014
European Court of Human Rights orders Serbia and Slovenia to repay hundreds of millions of euros to Croatian and BH depositors of Yugoslav-era Investbanka and Ljubljanska Banka Novosti 7-18-2014
Serbian government pledges to pass reforms on bankruptcy and privatization Inserbia 7-25-2014
Serbian banks shed employees, increase capital to cover losses, but remain „safe“ - NBS (in Serbian) Novosti 7-26-2014
Former shareholders of failed Agrobanka still seek return of 'lost property' B92 7-28-2014


Russia's deposit insurance fund takes over assets and liabilities of seven Ukrainian banks that ceased operations in Crimea Itar Tass 7-7-2014
National Bank of Ukraine issues emergency rules for banks operating in rebellious regions of Eastern Ukraine Natonal Bank Ukraine 7-24-2014
Ukrainian parliament fails to pass reforms needed to activate IMF and World Bank assistance programs Kyiv Post 7-28-2014

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