Tourist from Serbia and other countries flocking to Macedonia
World Bank Sees Western Balkan GDP Growth at 1.3% in 2015
Albania emphasizes urgency on railway link with Macedonia
Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina sign aviation agreement


Singapore and Albania sign open skies agreement for airlines


IDEA foundation and Asian Development Bank discuss cooperation opportunities
EU announces new assistance to Armenia of € 77.5 million
Armenia PM discusses further invigoration of economy
UN suggests 4% economic growth projection for Armenia for 2015
Armenian companies participating in Bahrain’s international entrepreneurs investment forum
Armenian premier discusses with heads of economic agencies ways for development of economy
Armenia had its level of grain self-sufficiency in 2014 reach 51% from 36% in 2010
Armenia official: We want to attract large investors

Latvia urges Azerbaijani entrepreneurs to invest in country's economy
Azerbaijani investments in Turkey to reach $20B until 2020
Azerbaijan develops concept for industrial sturgeon breeding
Azerbaijan’s real economic growth exceeds nominal twofold
ICT revenues jump
Azerbaijan, Vietnam have potential for cooperation development in all spheres
Azerbaijan’s education financing costs to be brought to 6% of GDP
Azerbaijan, Brazil discuss tourism ties
Foreign direct investments in Azerbaijan grew by 17.1% in 2014

Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Production hall for the metal industry is being constructed in Bosnia Herzegovina
Germany's Athabasca Investment bought Bosnia Herzegovina cable company
New Projects of Eco Life: “Green Islands“ to be built
World Bank on the Estimations of the Economic Growth of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Georgia's GDP increases by 6% for first three quarters of 2014
Georgia to receive 44.5m EUR for DCFTA implementation and private sector development
PM to Visit Davos for World Economic Forum
IMF: Georgian economy to grow annually by 5% in 2014-2015
Georgia’s 2014 Foreign Trade
EBRD Improved Forecasts for GDP Growth in Georgia


World Bank urges there needs to be urgent fiscal consolidation

World Bank: Macedonia with highest SEE growth in 2014 and 2015
“White Book” of Foreign Investors Council
WB, EBRD uphold the accomplishment of government’s economic policies 
U.S. company KSS to launch construction of Kicevo plant
Bio economy – new agriculture concept

EBRD plans to acquire up to 50% of shares of Victoriabank
Baltic countries intend to increase imports of Moldovan agricultural products


Improved relations between Serbia, Algeria
German E-Cars wants to invest in Serbian car industry
Ljajic expects 2015 to be record year for tourism
Prospects for closer agricultural cooperation with Hungary
TIKA continues to fund projects in Serbia
Economic advisor: GDP growth will certainly be higher
IMF to consider arrangement with Serbia
Vucic, Davutoglu: More Turkish investors should come to Serbia
European Commission backs economic reforms in Serbia
Investment in new technologies one of government’s goals
Investors from Switzerland interested in investing in Serbia


E-government frees Ukraine of paper dependency
Poland to give 100 million Euro credit line for Donbas and reforms
Ukraine, IMF develop new program
Ukraine to open $2.4 billion swap line with China

AuthorKaris McGill