USAID’s Regional Economic Growth Project is a five-year project to support inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the E&E region through greater integration and harmonization of regional markets.

The project’s core activities will focus on improving competitiveness and increasing financial sector stability by promoting economic integration within the region and building economic linkages to the EU and other markets. REG will seek to provide a cost-effective platform for demand driven technical assistance and will introduce international best practices in private sector skills and financial sector management and regulation. The project will seek to leverage funds from other donors and projects that are engaged in complementary efforts. 

Component 1 — Increased Private Sector Competitiveness and Enterprise Development

  • Strengthen Regional Value Chains by increasing compliance with international standards and certifications and supporting the private sector in accessing EU markets. Targeted value chains include:
    • IT - REG will take a dual focus of supporting advanced/later stage companies to compete in export markets, and early stage companies/ start-ups by strengthening business service providers in this sector.
    • Tourism - REG will work to improve service delivery in the tourism sector, create diverse regional tourism products, and move into higher value-added tourism segments.
    • Agribusiness/Food Processing - REG will work with specific, strategic products to improve quality standards, marketing, and the ability to move into higher value added products.
  • Improve the Business-Enabling Environment (BEE) through trade facilitation and advocacy in regulatory issues that affect the overall region. REG will work on capacity building with key partners in BEE/trade issues, as well as at the micro-level in sector-specific BEE issues.
  • Foster Entrepreneurship Training and Support Services - REG will work to connect entrepreneurs with funding sources through angel, seed, growth, and VC funds, and strengthen capacity of entrepreneurs by fostering competition between start-ups, as well as providing training to women and youth to build technical skills.

Component 2 — Increased Financial Sector Stability, Growth & Inclusion

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Fruits and Vegetables will be one of the Value Chains strengthened under REG.

Fruits and Vegetables will be one of the Value Chains strengthened under REG.

Project funded by:
U.S. Agency for International Development; USAID

Project Implemented by:
SEGURA Consulting LLC

Key counterparts:
Host Country Governments, Business Associations, and the Private Sector

Where we work:
Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, and Ukraine

Project duration:
September 2013-2018 (3 years base period with 2 options years)

Filip Stoyanovich
REG Chief of Party
Tel. 359-888-60-2629

U.S. Agency for International Development