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The course “STRATEGIC THINKING: Formulate Your Business Strategy and Translate it into Operational Terms” presented by Ivaylo Gueorguiev from ESI CEE. It was organized by UITE with the financial support of USAID. 30 participants from Armenia, Georgia and Serbia attended the workshop.

According to the key metrics of ESI Center Eastern Europe the course can be considered as successfully organized and the participants were successfully trained and satisfied by the course.

Course Benefits

The participants evaluated the course on the scale from 1(min) to 5(max). The results, provided below, are average values, based on the responses to the feedback forms from 19 participants.

Based on the received responses, it could be concluded that generally, the participants had a positive attitude before the course. They rated their expectations about the course PRIOR to participating in it with 4.3. The positive impressions increased AFTER participating in the course, rated with 4.4.

Furthermore, we could conclude that for the most part, participants were satisfied by the content and the organization of the course, judging by the answers received. The average score received about the quality of the course’s content was a high 4.5 out of 5. By the same token, participants rated high the course organization, giving an average score of 4.4.

It is of an utmost importance to be able to measure the effectiveness and the usefulness of a course. The 19 participants who filled out feedback forms, assessed the usefulness of the course for their current work, for their business in general, as well as for their colleagues.

Most participants found the course “STRATEGIC THINKING: Formulate Your Business Strategy and Translate it into Operational Terms” to be useful for their current work, giving it a rating of 4.3 out of 5. The same average score of 4.3, was given for the usefulness of the course for their business in general. Compared to the above-mentioned scores, participants assessed the course to be less useful (but still very useful) for their colleagues, with the average score of 4 out of 5.

Still, the majority of the participants (95% or 18 of the 19 participants who filled out feedback forms) stated that they would recommend this course to their colleagues. The other 5% of the participants would still recommend the course to their management.

Most of the participants did state that they would recommend this course to the management for employee’s development in their organization. 15 of the participants who voted would recommend the course, three of the participants refrained from voting and only one of them answered with a “no”.


The lecturer – Ivaylo Gueorguiev was highly appreciated. The participants rated the following aspects of his knowledge and professional skills:

  • Lecturer's overall lecturing approach –4.6;
  • The degree to which the lecturer communicated clearly – 4.7;
  • The extent to which the lecturer clarified concepts and terms –4.5.
I have participated in different seminars, trainings. This one I may say is the best for me because the lecturer Ivaylo Gueorguiev really indulged my knowledge, I’m really thankful.

Strengths & Weaknesses

12 of the participants listed the following strengths of the course related to their business: 

  • Design of strategy
  • I really hope this is going to help me in the future. In fact, I've learnt a lot. I
  • may say that the whole meeting was strenghtful. Cannot point out.
  • Analysis of weakness.
  • Useful examples of techniques of making strategy document.
  • Strategic Approaches
  • Activities for the strategy
  • Strategic forms, construction and basic knowledge
  • BSC will be very useful for the measurement of our strategy, as we haven't used it yet. All topics covered during the workshop were quite close to my current work.
  • There's a lot to think about & try to reflect on our strategy.
  • It gave clearer view on building our business strategy and delivering the implementation of it.
  • Analytics, strategic thinking
  • Elaborating measurement methodologies 

13 participants listed weakness of the course. Among the most commonly pointed out weaknesses was the insufficient amount of time for the course’s activities and the assimilation of material as well as that the course was a bit too general. It was also pointed out that the course did start later than expected. The listed weaknesses were:

  • This was kind of rapid but that wasn't the lecturer's fault, in spite we got a lot.
  • This course should not be for one day.
  • Not enough time to go in details.
  • Case studies
  • Start Time
  • I think there was not enough time for such a topic
  • Would like to see more practical exercises.
  • Because of shortage of time we have to pass quickly through some topics.
  • Short. Sometimes to general.
  • It was too short
  • Too general
  • I guess we needed more time


A lot of the participants shared information about topics that they would have appreciated to hear more of in this course. Among the recommendations for topics were:

  • Management organization Strategy map
  • Scoreboards
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • More practice cases
  • Would like to see some software illustrations regarding strategic planning.
  • Examples and discussion on real-life situations were quite useful. It would be good to have more.
  • Would have been very productive to have more time for exercises on real business. In a team, we had to invent a start-up. Getting real feedback could be great. I would like to focus more on strategic plan building details.
  • Porter's five force analysis
  • Early stage startup development

Suggestions for other subject related courses in this field were listed by two participants:

  • Long term budget creation process
  • IT Management, agile methodologies & certification

Other valuable comments and recommendations were also received from some of the participants:

  • I have participated in different seminars, trainings. This one I may say is the best for me because the lecturer Ivaylo Gueorguiev really indulged my knowledge, I'm really thankful.
  • Interesting, more real examples.
  • Because it was short, sometimes it was hard to concentrate, as a lot was said. Especially terms, definitions, etc.
  • Thanks a lot, wish you good luck. It was an honor for me to be present. Thankful for indulging my knowledge.

Undoubtedly, it could be concluded that the course was successful and the majority of the participants were satisfied by both the content and the organization of the course. The lecturer was also received very positive feedback and was assessed highly on his ability to communicate ideas and approach the audience. 

AuthorNicolas Segura