On May, 16th 2016, the Vojvodina ICT Cluster together with Business Incubator Novi Sad and FRACTALS Project, are organizing one day event for boosting the utilization of ICT tools in Agribusiness sector. The event is organized in line with the 83rd Agricultural fair in Novi Sad that is a famous fair in the whole Balkan region. FRACTALS team decided to organize this event during the fair, so that ICT Companies can approach their AG clients directly and easily. 

The first part of the day will be consisted of presentations for "access to finance" as many of the AG companies, when implementing ICT tools need additional financial resources and motivation to do this. During the second day of the event, there will be a B2B session, where ICT companies will have chance to meet AG companies, but also AG & AG and ICT & ICT companies will have chance to establish first contacts. Please find Agenda on the following link: http://agrob2b.talkb2b.net/page/2/Preliminary+Agenda 

This event will be a follow up event in the region on the topic of "ICT in AG. Namely, REG USAID Project has already supported an ICT in AG event in November, in 2015 in Skopje, Macedonia, where during the B2B session, 20 companies participated, 26 B2B meetings happened, and 6 contracts have been signed. During this event in Novi Sad, we expect more companies from both sectors from the region to participate, and more B2B meetings to happen. 

As the organizers have mainly covered their costs of renting a hall, coffee breaks, travel costs for speakers, they requested from REG Project to support them with the networking lunch that will take place just before the B2B session. In addition to this, both REG IT and AG Team Leaders will participate at the event, so they establish direct contacts with the companies involved in the "ICT in AG" topic. This contacts will be beneficial in the later stage when the B-REDI activities might be approved and crosscutting activities between the two sectors will be expected. 

AuthorNicolas Segura