The following is a reposted portion of an article from Wanderlust travel magazine written by Graeme Green.

From Australia to Brazil to Macedonia, there are incredible cities all but ignored by travelers. Here are the 8 most underrated cities and what to do in them, selected by the world's top travel bloggers.

5: Skopje, Macedonia

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Statues lining bridge in Skopje (Dreamstime)

Statues lining bridge in Skopje (Dreamstime)

Macedonia is a small but beautiful and diverse country that’s also one of the cheapest and best value destinations in Europe. But it usually gets overlooked by travelers.

The capital, Skopje, must be one of the most under-rated destinations in Europe. 

This quirky, fun, unpretentious and multicultural city has undergone a unique transformation in recent years as huge civic buildings and hundreds of huge, quirky and kitsch bronze statues have been built as part of Project 2014, a controversial attempt to attract more tourism and increase patriotism and national identity.

This has made Skopje a fun, interesting city to explore, with brand new, neo-classical architecture that wouldn't look out of place in Athens or Rome, historic Ottoman-era mosques and Albanian-influenced bazaars, a Parisian style 'Arc De Triomph’, red London-style double decker buses that ply the streets, a huge 66 meter-high cross on top of a hill that is Macedonia's version of Rio's Christ the Redeemer, and even a London Eye-esque Skopje Eye in the pipeline.

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