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Drone-Based Stand Counts Offer Accurate, Cost-Effective Alternative to Ground Sampling

It’s May. In fields across the northern hemisphere, corn and soybean crops will soon emerge in full force. As we enter this year’s growing season, stand counts are on the mind of every farmer. Evaluating plant emergence through stand counts is an important early season management question. Accurate counts and early intervention can mean the difference between a successful harvest or major crop losses. But traditional ground sampling is imprecise and often involves a high margin of error. AgriSens Plant Insights, available on the DroneDeploy App Market, offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional stand counts that is proactive and accurate. Drone-based stand counts let growers pinpoint areas of potential yield loss and take corrective action at key times during the growing season.

Agrisens is an ag-focused technology company whose research and development team includes PhDs in Agriculture, Bio-technical Science and Data Science. They leverage their expertise to develop new technologies that improve agriculture production through remote sensing solutions.

“AgriSens is about making agriculture better and more in line with what today’s technology has to offer. Our ultimate goal is to help farmers achieve higher outputs with high-end technology that is easy to use, easy to grasp, and easy to run.” -Rastko Carapic, AgriSens Chief Operating Officer

Thanks to AgriSens’ partnership with DroneDeploy, the company’s powerful stand count tool — as well as its sowing quality and weed stress reports — is available on the DroneDeploy App Market. With the app, users can count plants across an entire field using maps produced in DroneDeploy. In a matter of hours, growers receive a detailed report with information on plant counts and sowing quality. This level of data, delivered quickly and easily, has made AgriSens the most popular agriculture app on the DroneDeploy App Market among growers and ag-focused drone service providers alike. Read more about the most popular apps in our recently published Commercial Drone Industry Trends report.

This stand count report allowed a corn grower to take action quickly to avoid major yield loss.

This stand count report allowed a corn grower to take action quickly to avoid major yield loss.

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