The following is a reposted version of an article originally posted by PASTE Magazine and written by  Nevena Bosnic.

Like every other part of the world, the Western Balkans region is experiencing a surge in the popularity of festivals. Each passing summer brings more gatherings and more innovation. Some festivals have been around for decades, while others are just getting started.

Unlike the other corners of the globe, however, the countries of the Western Balkans bring a completely new flavor of culture, traditions and history. What this means for you—as you consider visiting this up-and-coming, though still under-the-radar, destination—is that each spot here has its own way of throwing down and having a good time. Despite the differences, one thing is universal about the spot where the East meets the West: There is no party like a Balkan party.

There is truly no place in the world like the Balkans, and if there is one thing we do best, it’s celebrate. We throw a party for just about everything under the sun—including the sun: from film and music to wine and poetry. These are some of the best festivals in the region, so add them to the bucket list and start planning.

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Nevena Bosnic is the co-founder and business development manager at Balkanvibe. She is also a first-generation American—now living in Sarajevo—passionate about exploring, maintaining and investing in her Balkan roots.