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Global Finalist (Best Use of Hardware)


Build a fire-monitoring and crowdsourcing tool that will allow local fire managers to respond to wildfires.

Sensors placed in local areas with high danger of fires, communicating with a GPS box connected to the main server, warning people close by to evacuate, contacting local firefighters and drones, using self-made Smart Ball Extinguishers to fight the fires

Using the provided NASA database about "Fire danger forecast" and EOSDIS Worldview with added layers for "Fires and Thermal Anomalies" we pinpointed the locations of dangerous areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On those location we will be placing smart fire extinguisher balls that can detect fire, activate them self and shut down fire in area around. Smart placing of these balls on areas that are not accessible to fire crews can be great help in country like Bosnia and Herzegovina cause there is a lot of not accessible terrain and most fires are started on those locations.

Also, there is a firefighters online applications that allows other people to report fire. App gets their location based on longitude and latitude and sends a notification to control station. Fire is displayed on screen with directions and controls by control station. Also, users near by fire are getting notification with directions how to avoid getting near fire and evacuation routes.

Node Prototype:

AuthorNicolas Segura