Draft programme

TCI European Conference 2018, Turning Challenges into opportunities through clusters in Eastern Europe

Conference Day 1 || 21 March ||Challenges || Industrial Policies

Registration & Setting up the scene

Plenary Sessions

Chairs welcome and opening remarks

Bulgaria in the frame of EU Presidency

Keynote - Industrial Policies

  • What has been achieved in Eastern Europe so far & what remaining challenges need to be challenged through clusters?
  • Where EU cluster policies need to go?
  • What is the role that clusters can pay in industrial policies for Eastern Europe countries?
  • How do cluster-based efforts need to be structured to align better with local circumstances?

Coffee break

Parallel sessions – Block I – Industrial Modernisation


Transitioning from traditional to modern sectors


What is the role of clusters in talent & Investment attractions

Aligning cluster-based efforts with local context

Networking lunch

Parallel sessions – Block II – Cluster practice


Organising and institutionalising cluster efforts

How different players interplay, in which different roles?

How is the communication set among them?

Financing instruments for clusters

Where there is no specific support policy or programs

Evaluation of cluster efforts

Discussions // Q & A

Coffee break

Parallel sessions – Block III – Best practices of collaboration

Collaboration between Academia and Business


Collaboration between public & Private sectors

Collaboration between private sector and regional development agencies


Parallel sessions – Block IV – Successful Networks

Successful projects

With special attention to SEE

Successful Networks

With special attention to SEE

Fostering innovative networking models



Conference Day 2 || 22 March || Opportunities



Setting up the scene – Wrap up Day 1 & our vision for today 

Plenary Sessions – Building Blocks for Clusters

Adapting to change and getting ready for the future

Globalisation, digitalisation and sustainable development as key factors for shaping our economy growth, competitiveness and services


  • Globalisation – defining the opportunities ahead
  • Clusters as territorial answer to globalisation of markets
  • Businesses are sustainable by being economically and socially sustainable
  • Smart cities – smart nations

    Coffee break 


  • Digitalisation changes – a look at possible opportunities for the clusters development
  • What clusters can learn from the digital development
  • Challenges and changes enabled and indorsed by digitalisation
  • The need to invest skills and enhancing those skills of the workforce to make the full use of the opportunities offered by digital technologies


  • Sustainable socio and economic development

     Networking lunch


    Parallel sessions – Block I – Building capacities for clusters

    Managing clusters initiatives

    Special skills needed for the cluster management

    Management of clusters programs


    Organisational development

    Discussions // Q & A

    Coffee break


    Plenary Sessions


    The successful cluster manager

    • Impact of clustering on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and organisation of SMEs

    Coffee break 

Parallel sessions – Block II – On the Global map – successful stories

Opportunities to showcase national and regional economic infrastructures and service capabilities to industry leaders from around the globe 

North America


Canada & TCI 21 Global Conference

Latin America

Bogota experience & 20thGlobal conference


Middle East


Wrap up and closing ceremony

AuthorNicolas Segura